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  • Gjedra shpk exports about 700 tones sage per year.

  • Flores papaveris

  • Folia Melisa about 200 tons per year export

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In 1993 has began activity as Physical subject, gathering and packing medicinal plants. ...Read more


During the years of the Company activity, it has improved the modes of medicinal plants processing. ...Read more


Flores, Folia, Herba,Radix
Cortec, Fructus,
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The main direction of Company activity today is the export of sage into the U.S.A. and other countries of Europe. Gjedra Medicinal Plants in albania , salvia officinalis in albania , sage in albania, melissa officinalis in albania, hedera helix in albania , origanum vulgaris in albania , satureja montana in albania , trifolium pratense in albania , urtica dioica in albania , hypericum in albania , rubus fruticosus in albania , pyris malis in albania , thymus capitatus in albania