About Us

Gjedra Ltd., has started its activity in the field of gathering and processing herbs and medicinal plants since 1993. We are one of the main exporters of herbs and medicinal plants in Albania with our Headquarters as well as warehouse and processing facility based in Berat city.Our company has grown rapidly through the years. We have consolidated our strength on all theaspects of the business and are now exporting all over the world.

We have a very wide variety of our wild collection products which are gathered from our farmers who live and work in or near the collection areas all over Albania.

The products are processed in a dry state and undergo different processes, from cleaning cutting (including passing through metal detectors and magnetic separator), pressing, packaging and labeling, under a very strict quality control and assurance. The company has its own chemical and physical laboratory in which all the necessary analysis are performed.

Gjedra Ltd. is committed to bringing excellent quality and superb products to its customers and this is what makes us unique.

Also we have the capacity to produce different Essential oils of MAP’s of as final product.

We take pride on what we do!
We are enthusiastic about our work and we want to share our enthusiasm with you!